Thank you for the fine job you did of teaching at our facility. Logically presented, upto date and informative.
Al Worden, Apollo15 Astronaut & President. BF GOODRICH AEROSPACE, Grand Rapids, MI

Dr. Bose is an excellent teacher in addition to having complete knowledge of the subject matter. I think his strongest quality is his teaching ability; he teaches for the class, not at them. He always tries to get the students involved by asking questions. Whenever he senses people are not understanding the material, he gives a physical interpretation of what is going on. He explains even the most complex ideas in terms of simple concepts that everyone understands, and then adds in the complex details.
Elton Hopper, WPAFB, OH

I consider this course a must for all new employees, highly recommend for experienced employees and a periodic refresher for all involved with GPS/INS.
George Kosmos, Head, GPS/INS Div, NRaD, San Diego, CA

I have NEVER seen somebody teach so well.

An excellent course. It has been a pleasure listening to someone who knows his material.
Dr. Doyle Dingus, ASD, EGLIN AIR FORCE BASE, Florida

Thanks for sharing your knowledge with me. You made a very complex subject simple and understandable.
Geng Moy, NAVAL AIR WARFARE CENTER, Warminster, Pennsylvania

Very good course . Starts with fundamentals and transitions to more complex material. Impressed with Dr. Bose's knowledge and down-to-earth presentation.

I like this course very much. It gave me a well rounded understanding of the whole navigation process.
Khien Nguyen, NCCOSC, RDT & E Div, San Diego, California

This is the best short course in any subject I have taken during my career.

The course was most valuable and constructive. Your course clarified, reinforced and exposed many areas. Many thanks for the best course and teaching methods in inertial navigation. This course is a must for systems engineer engaged in navigation work.
Chuck Ewald, GRUMMAN AEROSPACE, Melbourne, FL

Covered a wide range of topics involved in GPS-INS. Dr. Bose is very experienced in this field and his knowledge of both theoretical and pragmatic aspects is extensive. This clearly manifests itself in his instruction.
Thomas Ebeling, CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL/NIOSH, Morgantown, West Virginia

A ton of information. A lot of knowledge gained. Class breaks were refreshing and great.
Brian Keig, NAVAL AIR WAREFARE CENTER, Point Mugu, California

Dr. Bose has a knack for explaining complex material. Overall a very good course and I enjoyed it immensely.
Phillip Rapatz, INPUT/OUTPUT, INC. Stafford, Texas

The course is very well organized. The instructor has excellent teaching skills. The book is very detailed and exhaustive.
Jean-Michel Rousseau, ASHTECH, INC., Sunnyvale, California

The course material provided enough overview and insight for contract monitors, provided the detail so important to system developers, and provided an invaluable start to young engineers. If only I had taken this course 10 years ago. Vlasta's wonderful meals and snacks kept everyone alert and focussed.
Sharon Dudley, U S ARMY MICOM, Redstone Arsenal, Alabama

Great selection of topics. Great food. Covered the whole book.

A very complex subject was explained on a level that anyone with a basic background in INS & GPS could understand. Also, the food was excellent.
Michael Perry, US AIR FORCE, San Antonio, Texas

Overall I would rate it as an excellent course. The instructor is very knowledgeable in the subject and responds well to questions posed by the class.
Bruce Hewston. NAVAL SURFACE WEAPONS, Dahlgren, VA

This was an outstanding course. The instructor demonstrated expert level knowledge of every aspect of the subject.
Greg Dukeman, NASA, MARSHALL SPACE FLIGHT CENTER, Huntsville, Alabama

Dr.Bose is clearly very expert and experienced in the subject area, and was both patient and sincere in responding to questions.
Michael Anspach, EGLIN AIR FORCE BASE, Florida

Course far exceeded my expectations.
Joel Antley, GRUMMAN AEROSPACE, Melbourne, FL

An outstanding job.
Bill Canfield, CECOM, Fort Monmouth, NJ

Very impressed by the completeness of the course. Not only precise theoretical concepts but practical implications were addressed. The course was very well organized and the material was presented gradually, which is essential in such an intense course. Dr.Bose is very clear in his explanations and has a profound knowledge of all the subject. Physical interpretations of difficult parts of the material are essential during the class, and Dr.Bose presents them in a simple way. He also responds very well to questions posed during his explanations. Overall we would rate this as an excellent course.
Ricardo S. Sanchez Pena, Ph.D.(Caltech), Professor of Engineering, UNIV of BUENOS AIRES, Argentina & Research Scientist, CONAE, Argentina

All of the material relevant to navigation is brought together in one set of notes. This is a great resource. Instructor is very knowledgeable and presents material very well. The efforts made to provide attendees with refreshments and meals are extraordinary and much appreciated. My compliments to the course coordinator. She is very well organized and a most pleasant asset to the course. Overall, I found the course to meet my expectations and well worth the expense. I would highly recommend it to anyone wishing to improve skills and mastery of navigation related subject matter.
Ragon Kinney, SANDIA NATL LABS, Albuquerque, NM

Instructor gave very clear discussion of material. Highly motivated and enthusiastic. Encouraged student participation and answered questions very clearly. Excellent course.
Ernest Ohlmeyer, NSWC, Dahlgren, VA

Good overall coverage of the whole system.
Charles McKerley, NICHOLS RESEARCH, Huntsville, Alabama

People at NASA have a need for this course.
Debra Randall, NASA DRYDEN, Edwards Air Force Base, CA

Liked organization and structure.
Rafael Olmedo Soler, INST NATL TEC AEROSPCE, Madrid, Spain

Topics flow logically into making a very cohesive presentation. Nice style of presentation making it easy to listen for five days. That's not easy to do. Very good course. I enjoyed course very much and I think it was well worth my time (and my company's money) to attend this course. It would be well worth anyone's time who is involved in GPS/INS related fields. Thanks.
Vincent Wos, LOCKHEED MARTIN, Fort Worth, Texas

This is possibly the best short course I have attended. Besides all the lectures, Vlasta did a remarkable job considering breakfast, lunch and breaks.
Jan Kjellgren, DEFENCE RESEARCH ESTABLISHMENT, Linkoping, Sweden

The subject matter for this course is complex, and the instructor should be complimented for good knowledge in all areas. There's probably only a handful of people in the whole country who could expertly cover all this material. The presentations were all clear, pertinent, and presented well. The instructor is a good speaker, and a good teacher.
Ken Woelfel, LITTON AERO PRODUCTS, Moorpark, California

Dr.Bose provided an in-depth, yet understandable development. Dr.Bose is very knowledgeable. I highly recommend this course for those requiring knowledge in navigation.
Neil Banks, WPAFB, Ohio

Excellently prepared and presented and shows a great deal of thought in its organization and broadness for detail design or systems or test managers and engineers. Dr. Bose did an excellent job presenting the material and showed great patience and understanding for novice students.
Fred Nadeau, WPAFB, Ohio

Dr. Bose answers questions thoroughly. A lot of times you get someone who knows the subject inside and out, but cannot teach it. This is not the case here. Dr.Bose is an excellent teacher.
Brian Weyant, 4950th TEST WING, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio

An outstanding course. I highly recommend it for personnel desiring knowledge in this area. The course book will serve as a good reference in the future. It was obvious that the instructor has a solid background in the subject area.
Stan Zavist, AERONAUTICAL SYSTEMS DIV, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio

The overall quality of the class was excellent. Dr.Bose was a great instructor and presented the information well. He is obviously an expert in the field.

The background of the audience varied greatly - systems engineers, software engineers, system analysts and managers attended. Dr.Bose managed his lectures so that everyone learned something. Dr.Bose was well prepared for his classes and clearly knows the subject thoroughly. His organization of the lecture material was clear and logically progressed from the physics principles to the stated assumptions to the mathematical formulations.
Dr. Steve Harris, LITTON AERO PRODUCTS, Moorpark, California

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